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Austin White 711 is a Christian Hip-Hop Artist and Music Producer based in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin he moved to Los Angeles in 2015 to begin his music career. In his early years Austin attempted bedroom recordings and played in local bands as a drummer. After releasing a collaboration EP in April of 2014 under his previous stage name, he essentially launched his professional career, granting his first glance of exposure. He then attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona in 2015, where he studied musical engineering and music production.


"I've always had this connection with music..a connection I'd never had with anything else," says Austin, who in late 2017, launched CULTURELOST, a Music Publishing/Entertainment company and Record Label.


"I started this company because I need to have a solid foundation for my career, and want to help in creating that same foundation for other artists!"


 Today Austin is releasing new music, with a new sound. He finds his lane while riding the line between dark alternative guitar riffs, Shabib inspired piano progressions, and reminiscent style vocal melodies. Austin performs all of the following when it comes to his music including, producing, writing, recording, mixing, and mastering.


Austin is an Independent Artist and owner of CULTURELOST | ADCGW Publishing LLC.

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