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Updated: Mar 23, 2020

I've looked endlessly all over the internet for a blog that accepts artist submissions, let alone covers underground music or upcoming talent, and couldn't find even one without strict submission guidelines and/or a key holder sure to turn you away for lack of clout.

CULTURELOST is changing this.

CULTURELOST is a Music Publishing and Entertainment Co. Our main goal is to give all great music and artists a fighting chance at exposure in an industry that lacks integrity regarding status.

That's the thing. Every new blog wants to be like the next big hype machine blog. Exclusive coverage on "What's Hot" and "Who To Watch", when we've been watching the same coverage on the same artists for the last 6 years... So, Let's switch it up!? Let's cover some new music. Let's cover some new art and creatives worth checking out. Like you!

If you are an artist, model, photographer, musician, or creative that's looking for some exposure, then read below on how to contact and collaborate with

If you want to submit content to be featured on our blog, or to be featured as a writer, email

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